Upcoming Album

Last week I posted a few samples for my upcoming album here:

I’m really pushing for a release date of September 11th so I’m a bit under the wire to get this done. To finish up a total of eight songs, I basically need to write a track a week when I’m more comfortable spending a whole month on one. Well OK, not the entire month, but the free time I get each month. 😉 Fortunately, I started on a new project this last Monday and really plowed through it. Be sure to tune in to the Erkenfresh at 0400 GMT on www.eve-radio.com August 5th to be the first person (other than me) to hear it! Things are starting to speed up as I approach the release.

Artists sometimes decide to take on an alias when their music takes on a new direction. I think this is the case for me with this collection of tunes. My “Erkenfresh” alias refers more to faster-paced music, at least at the Trance level. I’ve written some chilled tunes in the past, but none quite at the quality I’m hoping to release with this album. After some thought, I felt that the name “Blue Phoenix” would really fit the theme of this album, and it’s the name of my favorite Ultima Online character I ever made too! Fortunately, a search on “Blue Phoenix” brings up nothing related to music so this should be a safe one to use. (But oh man, look at some of the images that come up, they are freakin’ amazing! )

I’m also playing a bit with fractal software for some cover art. I contacted an artist who has made some really good stuff, and I may go that route. But the satisfaction of making my own cover just the way I like it is nice too. This one took me about 30 minutes to make. Obviously, I haven’t bought the program just yet. 😉


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