Source of Hope Album

I’ve been using this title a lot, I hope WordPress doesn’t complain too much about it! Recently I gave a good final listen to all the tracks of my forthcoming album “Source of Hope”. The last track, well let’s face it, it was awful. I decided that instead of trying to resuscitate a track that was beyond hope, I would just write a new one instead. I’m not sure if “The Light Never Fades” will ever see the light of day or if I will conveniently forget to ever release it. That being said, the new eighth track for the album “Fly Forever” sounds very nice and smooth. Definitely up to the Blue Phoenix standard. Furhtermore, using my favorite fractal program Ultra Fractal 5, I ended up with some fantastic art for the album cover. If the hope isn’t sourcing from just looking at that, you should be feeling good after listening to the album.


I’ve sent all the tracks off to be mastered by Adam Goodlet at Re:Creation studios. He promised to get them back to me within the next couple of weeks. Then I’ll be looking for a very popular distribution channel (most likely Ektoplazm if Basilisk will have me back again). So, look for “Source of Hope” to hit the shelves in late September or early October.

On a more personal note, it’s almost the anniversary of my near death experience. I’m definitely glad to still be around. I believe there is an afterlife waiting for us, but we shouldn’t be in any hurry to get there. If I really had passed on back then, I’d be just fine today. That sounds like an odd thing to say, but death really is nothing to fear. Either I’m right and we get to move on to something wonderful beyond our imagination, or I’m wrong and we go into an eternal sleep we aren’t even aware of. Neither option would cause any regrets.

So while dying would have left me personally feeling just fine, it would have left a gap for those of you still alive (you are alive right, dead people don’t read blogs do they?). I want my time here on Earth to mean something for everybody else. This album is a part of that goal and it is my sincere desire that it helps you feel something. Whether that be joy, relaxation, or even sadness, I hope that in the end you can take that energy and pay it forward.

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