My Music

These are some of the older “newbish” tracks I made. You can find newer stuff out on Soundcloud under my Erkenfresh or Blue Phoenix alias. Also be sure to check out my full length Chillout album at Ektoplazm. To save any of the songs, right click the song name and click “save target as”.


Beyond The Twilight
Binary Sunrise
Galaxy Rise
Galaxy Resurrection
Chasing Stars
Please Don’t Be Long ft. Veela

Drum & Bass

Flux Reaction

Hard House

Pulsar Rock


Eternal Radiance
Paranormal Anxiety
Rapid Lucidity (follow this link to download from Ruffbeatz)
Phaser Cascade
Event Horizon


Calm Tempest
Typhoon Twilight
Tale of the Prophecy


Cosmic Androids
Substanced & Alchemiist – Permission to Die (Erkenfresh Electro Mix)


Brooks and Dub-Little Miss Honky Tonk (Erkenfresh Countrystep Remix)

All of the songs provided directly from here by Erkenfresh are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. If you are interested in altering or remixing my works, please email me at
Creative Commons License

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