My Eighth Birthday

It’s time for my (semi)annual sappy post! Eight years ago on this day, I was nearly killed by a van as I was riding my bicycle. You can read all the gritty details from my previous post about this.

I will say that a brush with death tends to alter your perception on living. For one thing, I think I’ve been a bit more laid back. The little annoyances that come by every day and nag us all don’t seem to bother me so much anymore. We complain about silly things like our trash cans being in the middle of the driveway when the trash service gets our garbage. In many countries in the world, they would be thrilled to have a magical place to put their junk and have it disappear the next day. I see it as a fun chance to do some car slalom and see how close I can get to the cans without hitting them. We should see these little annoyances as small challenges to overcome, ones that we can even have a little fun with if we try. Speaking of dumb stuff to complain about, why does Taco Bell give me 15 hot sauce packets for my 3 tacos? It gave me a stomach ache!

One thing I said while in the hospital was that my life was now in extra innings. As little as I care about the sport of baseball, I think this still holds true. I’m not sure what inning I am on now, maybe 562? Every day I get beyond this point is a bonus I really shouldn’t have had. So, I do my best to enjoy it and try to spread the joy to others as well. I think we should all try to do this as much as we can. I know circumstances are different for everyone, and some of us face greater challenges than others. We can’t always be a source of joy for others, especially if we are down ourselves. When this happens, be accepting of the charity and joy of others.

I’m very thankful for the EMS crew and the doctors that were able to put me back together so I could have all these extra innings. I am thankful for all the visitors I had at the hospital, there are far too many to name. Several of you came by when I was sleeping that I didn’t even know about. I still have a huge pile of get well cards from those days. I am also thankful for all the friends and family that I have the privilege of sharing my life with. I hope to be around a lot longer so we can form new memories together.

I’m also happy that I’ve been able to write two albums under my Blue Phoenix alias. My first album has over 9000 downloads so far and my second album is at around 6500. I never imagined that so many people would enjoy my music. It brings me joy to know that my music has been a positive influence in your lives. Thanks to all my fans for your feedback. I will be working on a third album soon, probably starting here soon in the fall.

I think that’s about all I have to say about that for now. Peace!

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