Let there be light! And good graphics too…

Hey fans. My decent video card melted down a few weeks ago and I replaced it with one that was not nearly as good. I could barely see the lightshows since any effects at a distance just weren’t showing up. Zane Solomon kindly pointed me towards a $100 GeForce GTX 460 from NewEgg so I decided to order it up. I got it in today and removed it from the package. This thing looks impressive from the outside. It takes up two slots on the back, one for ventilation! I popped that sucker in and fired up Eve and cranked the settings to the max. Oh man, it’s looking good now and smooth as butter. Thanks for the suggestion Zane! I should have some much better light show commentary for you now.

In other news, I’ve been working on a new tune of the freeform hardcore genre. Two weeks ago, I let the listeners name it and the best name came from Veras Divinia. It shall be called Eternal Radiance. I’ve made significant progress on the song and I’m about ready to say it’s completed. Tune in this week for the world premiere of Eternal Radiance!

Here’s an old demo about half done. The final product is much better!


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