Hope, Courage, and Fear

After a bike ride in perfect weather today, I sat on my back porch and took in the fresh (Erken-fresh) air and listened to the birdsong. A stunning revelation came to me. This might not be stunning to you, maybe it’s old news, maybe not. Let’s get to it.

The way I see it, there’s a sliding scale between Fear, Courage and Hope. I felt like using GIMP some, so I made this amazing chart to help visualize it:


What is fear? Fear is a feeling that something is about to go wrong. Some action you are about to take is going to get either you or someone else hurt either emotionally or physically. Fear can be useful in some situations. If a bull is chasing you, fear gets the adrenaline pumping so you might have a chance of getting away before he sticks his horns into your gut. That’s a good thing obviously as having horn holes in your gut is probably not beneficial (let me know if I’m wrong here). Unfortunately, fear goes well beyond it’s usefulness in most people’s lives. We become afraid of poverty, loss of a loved one, hunger, and of course death itself. This type of fear is detrimental to our lives as it can make us miss out on many opportunities. The safe path is often the most boring.

Let’s move on. Courage on the other hand is a complete lack of fear. Courage let’s you make the choices that a fearful person might avoid. You can handle the situations that come your way without that dreadful feeling. Here’s where my revelation of the day comes in (partially). I consider courage to be a neutral position on the above sliding scale. I’m not saying courage is a bad quality. We need courageous people that can risk their lives to save and protect others. (Thank goodness some ambulance drivers were courageous enough to drive top speed through traffic to come save me once upon a time). If you’re a courageous person, you’re doing better than most of us by far.

Finally, this brings us to Hope. And here’s why I was even thinking of this. Last year my Goddaughter gave me a house warming gift that I’ve cherished ever since:


If you manage to shed your fears one by one, you get to a state of courage. But, you can go beyond that. Hope is the desire for a better future. Not only does it show a lack of fear, but a complete trust in the events unfolding around you. Hope is envisioning something greater than yourself but a wish to take part as it becomes reality. While courage handles the tasks put before it wonderfully, hope is a complete lack of fear for all possibility. As Neo once said, “Whoa!” To put it shortly, the opposite of fear isn’t courage. The opposite of fear is Hope. I imagine that a world where every one of us was hopeful would be a much different place than the fear-based world we have today.

Can you discard not only your current fears but all future fears as well? Can you turn back the debilitation of fear for what could be and turn it into a positive force called hope? Give it a try, you might surprise even yourself.

What’s that got to do with Erkenfresh and Blue Phoenix? Well, I’ve decided to write my sophomore album as Blue Phoenix and center it around the idea of Hope. I had been debating other central themes here lately but hope wins this round! Tomorrow begins another feverish writing session. I really wish I could share these tracks with you before dropping an entire album, but that would spoil the goodness. Perhaps when I am halfway there, I will make a spoiler with some short clips of what I’ve done so far. There’s also a chance I’ll put out some singles before finishing the album so be sure to keep up with me either on Facebook or Soundcloud. Peace!

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