Farewell BigCountry

I apologize for my lack of posting here. Well, not really. I guess I haven’t had much to say lately. However, on this day, the record breaking highest temperature ever in November for Kentucky, I was disheartened to learn of DJ BigCountry’s passing on November 1st, 2016.

About two years after I began my radio show on Eve Radio, along came BigCountry, who we always called BC. He spent a lot of time in IRC during my radio shows and before long, he signed up to become a Eve Radio DJ himself. BC started off playing music during his shows. He would often take requests but then laugh at the requester on air for picking such bad tunes (kudos, I often did the same!).

Eventually he found his niche and moved to a talk radio format. It was amazing how well he and his guests could fill the three (or six!) hour time slot with interesting banter about the Eve universe. Some of his best shows coincided with Eve’s patch notes. He would go through every line in the notes and discuss, at length, with his guests how he thought this would change the game. BC was often very opinionated and passionate about Eve and would argue at length with his guests over the smallest of details in those notes. The fact that his guests were long running members of the show despite those arguments attests to the jovial quality of his personality. Adversarial? Sure! Open-minded? Also true. And even though he could scream his nutty opinions, sounding furious, you knew deep down he wasn’t taking any of it personally. BC never held a grudge against anyone. He just loved the game that much.

BC’s show was always one that drew in a lot of listeners. He was good at bringing the discussion to those Eve pilots and asking their opinions too, sometimes inviting them onto his show. Eve Radio has truly lost one of its best.

I wish I knew more about the Eve lore to know what Eve capsuleers believe the afterlife is about. I think with the ability to clone oneself infinitely and transfer your consciousness the moment before death, capsuleers might consider a life “cheap” or “easy to replace”. Maybe they don’t believe in an afterlife at all, given that capsuleers are basically immortal. So, I can’t make an Eve appropriate eulogy here. Perhaps it’s better to say this. The universe is a little darker without you brother. Rest in peace.

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