Cool Light Show Video

Hi guys, here’s a quick update on things. I got an email from a Mr. Seth Alexander about a month ago. I have been far too negligent keeping up with my email. He sent a link to a great video from a light show. I must have had about 20 repair drones on my firetail that night! Also he set it to my very own Galaxy Resurrection tune which you can download for free on my music page.

Invincible Firetail

I’ve also seen the poll for what I should work on next and 3 of you would like another hard house tune from me. So, I will work on that one next.

Lastly, I had a little side project of an ambient tune. I’ve been using it during the intro of some of my shows lately. I’ve finished it and you can now get Exhaustion from my music page. It’s not super polished or anything too special but it’s nice for relaxing. Enjoy!

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