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  • Pulsar Rock Has a Name

    My latest tune is nearing completion. About all I need to do is some mastering and volume leveling. I wanted to make a hard house tune with a little challenge. Every sound would be created using Native Instrument’s Massive synth. So all the drum sounds and everything were all done in Massive. I gave myself one exception of using a single vocal sample. Once again, I played the song for the eve radio listeners to name for me. The following titles were sent to me.

    Pulsar Rock
    Exotic Night
    Own The Floor
    Synthesizing Madness

    And the winner was “Pulsar Rock” sent by Leron Artimus. No doubt he’s running headlong into a swarm of Sansha now. Be looking out for Pulsar Rock on the music page soon!

  • Cool Light Show Video

    Hi guys, here’s a quick update on things. I got an email from a Mr. Seth Alexander about a month ago. I have been far too negligent keeping up with my email. He sent a link to a great video from a light show. I must have had about 20 repair drones on my firetail that night! Also he set it to my very own Galaxy Resurrection tune which you can download for free on my music page.

    Invincible Firetail

    I’ve also seen the poll for what I should work on next and 3 of you would like another hard house tune from me. So, I will work on that one next.

    Lastly, I had a little side project of an ambient tune. I’ve been using it during the intro of some of my shows lately. I’ve finished it and you can now get Exhaustion from my music page. It’s not super polished or anything too special but it’s nice for relaxing. Enjoy!

  • Light Show Fun

    We just got done with another Erkenshow and at the end of the light show, my disco makers decided to bombard me with tons of logistics drones.

    The listeners had a bright idea to self destruct my shiny Firetail. I figured, hey that’s a great idea. The best gifts are the ones you can waste!

    The madness continued while the SD timer ticked away:

    As the Firetail exploded, the logistics drones sauntered off, confused about how such a buffed up ship might actually die. All in a good day’s work here at Eve Radio! 😉

  • Eternal Radiance Release

    I got a chance to do some mastering on my latest tune which sorted out a lot of the volume issues and gives it a nice full sound now. Behold my latest track entitled Eternal Radiance which I first started about four weeks ago. It’s a freeform hardcore tune with lots of energy. Who will win, the darkness or the light? Listen and find out! You can download it here by right-clicking on the link below and selecting Save Target As. Later it will also appear on my music page.

    Eternal Radiance by Erkenfresh

  • Polls are down

    It’s not like I used the polls much but I just tried updating the UPM Polls plugin and it just flat out stopped working. Piece of junk. The link to their website is filled with ads about how they design websites. Maybe they oughta get their plugin working first!

  • Let there be light! And good graphics too…

    Hey fans. My decent video card melted down a few weeks ago and I replaced it with one that was not nearly as good. I could barely see the lightshows since any effects at a distance just weren’t showing up. Zane Solomon kindly pointed me towards a $100 GeForce GTX 460 from NewEgg so I decided to order it up. I got it in today and removed it from the package. This thing looks impressive from the outside. It takes up two slots on the back, one for ventilation! I popped that sucker in and fired up Eve and cranked the settings to the max. Oh man, it’s looking good now and smooth as butter. Thanks for the suggestion Zane! I should have some much better light show commentary for you now.

    In other news, I’ve been working on a new tune of the freeform hardcore genre. Two weeks ago, I let the listeners name it and the best name came from Veras Divinia. It shall be called Eternal Radiance. I’ve made significant progress on the song and I’m about ready to say it’s completed. Tune in this week for the world premiere of Eternal Radiance!

    Here’s an old demo about half done. The final product is much better!


  • Video Card Meltdown

    Hello fans,

    For those of you who tried to tune into my show this week, you may have noticed that I disappeared about ten minutes before it began. I went to the bathroom and when I came back my computer was in a hard lock. I decided to power down, power up and the bios bootup screen appeared with stripes. When Windows tried to load the screen blanked out and it was done for. I rebooted and tried going into BIOS but even the text was all corrupted. It seems that my video card has gone kaput. I tried the other PCI Express slot just in case but it didn’t work there either. I’ve got a new card on the way!

    Besides that, please vote on my poll. I’m considering dumping trance from my shows to focus on higher energy genres of music. DJ Ion already does a great job with trance and I just don’t keep up with the genre at all. If you have an opinion on this, please vote!

  • Teknoxium Release

    I made a few minor adjustments to the song, mainly boosting the bassline a wee bit more. I think it sounds great now. So, Teknoxium (original remix) is now complete. You can download it from the My Music page.

    Whew, in my opinion this is my best tune yet. I’d like to thank the Academy, Sonic Academy that is for their awesome tutorials. Please let me know what you think!

    I guess I’m off to my next project now. I just have to decide what it is I’d like to do next.