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  • Joyful Radiance

    Hey everyone, I hope you’ve been having a fine March so far. Winter just won’t let go for us here in the US but above all the clouds, the sun still shines. I sacrificed this Sunday in the name of music! Starting at 9:30 this morning with a few small breaks, I’ve created a brand new track to tickle your earholes with. It’s amazing how fast a tune comes together when you already have the puzzle pieces ready to assemble.

    I’ve been considering a return to Eve Radio lately but the problem is that I really have no interest in the game anymore. If I were to return, I would instead go to Subspace Radio. That means playing STO, which is much more likely than playing Eve. Then again, I’m focusing my free time primarily on music production which leaves not much time for playing MMO’s. Time will tell!

    If that does happen, I’ll be sure to post here and on my Facebook page about the big event.

    I hope the tune reminds you of warmer Springs and maybe if we all listen to it enough it will hurry up and get here. Peace!

  • New Horizons

    First of all, new web page design. Is this hard to read? Anything else annoying about the design?

    It’s funny how the universe can send us some synchronicities at times. Most of us are quick to see the occurrence of two (or more!) similar events as mere coincidence. When we dismiss these things, we’re likely to miss out on an important message. Synchronicities are nothing to be feared or dismissed, it shows us that we’re “in the flow” so to speak.

    Perhaps this sounds like rambling but yesterday two occurrences of “New Horizons” came up. I was going through old business cards I had collected and came across one from a buddy that runs the local New Horizons training center. Later yesterday evening I tuned into Armin Van Buuren’s 650th episode of State of Trance. He has this huge party every 50th show with DJs from all over the world like Aly & Fila and John O’ Callaghan. I was enthralled with the amazing trance music when the title song was played near the end of the show. Can you guess what the title was?

    Yup, so there it is. If the tune hadn’t moved me quite so much I might have dismissed it as a coincidence, but it is a darn fine track! I’m trying to put myself in Jorn Van Deynhoven’s shoes as he dropped the track he wrote in front of a huge crowd of energetic dancers.

    Maybe it means nothing, or maybe I need to forge my own path to a New Horizon. As it stands, I’m writing music under two aliases, Erkenfresh and Blue Phoenix. I am currently working on a collab with one of my favorite artists (details forthcoming). I’m leaning towards writing a downtempo album under Blue Phoenix again this year. I haven’t decided whether to give this out as a freebie on Ektoplazm again, or perhaps find a label and get some sales going. My album has reached over 6500 downloads at the time of this writing. The comments I’ve received have been very positive and I think I’ve helped relaxed many a listener.

    If you know me much at all, you’ll also know I survived a scrape with death back in 2007 which changed me fundamentally. I think perhaps I could write a book about my experiences that could help others in similar situations, or who are just anxious and fearful in general. I just want to find a way to help make the world a better place.

    What New Horizons do you see in your future? Is there any way we could help each other get there together?

  • Escape the Past

    I just finished up a great new chillout tune by the name of Escape the Past. As I was making this, I couldn’t decide between two scales so I just decided to use them both. The second half of the track should sound a bit more cheery as it escapes from the first half.

    As for the rest of 2014, I haven’t set any clear goals on music production. All my current projects are done so my schedule is clear. Is there anything in particular you would like to hear?

  • A New Year, a New Erkenfresh

    Sorry to be away for so long. Back at the end of October I decided to take a break from Eve Radio. A good Eve Radio DJ should also be interested in Eve. Otherwise, they should DJ somewhere else. In recent times, I’ve re-prioritized the things that are important to me. Video games are no longer near the top of the list. MMOs in particular don’t fit my playstyle. I prefer something I can play in short doses. This frees up a lot of time for other things in my life I find important, mainly producing my own music. I haven’t been an active Eve player for several years now. If I logged in my main, it was to try out some new features from an expansion but nothing really kept me interested in the game other than continuing to be a DJ on Eve Radio.

    Eve Radio needs DJs who are active players and know how to engage the listeners in gameplay. I feel that I’m inadequate at doing this anymore, so I am officially quitting my Eve Radio DJ status. It was a good run at nearly five years and just over 250 shows but it’s time to hang up the headphones and move on.

    If you’d like to keep in touch, please join me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/erkenfresh. I have several projects in the works for some new music in both the Freeform and Chillout genres. Also, for budding music producers out there, you might find my new tutorial on making Freeform starting with complete silence, all the way up to a full track. You can find the details from the track up on Soundcloud.

  • Putting the Erkenshow on Pause

    Hey fans, it was a tough choice for me to make but I decided to take a break from Eve Radio, at least until the new year. I’ve been on the air consistently since Barack was elected as prez five years ago. So, I think a break will do me some good.

    In the meantime, be sure to check out my album that was released on Ektoplazm last week. If you like downtempo trance, then this is the perfect set of tunes for you. If you’re still not convinced, check out the album sampler here:

    I plan on writing some more tracks during the winter under the Erkenfresh name, probably focusing on the Freeform genre of tunes. I hope to see you all on Eve Radio again soon!

  • From the Fires of Tragedy Springs Growth

    Today is September 11th. Many people remember this day for a pretty good reason as the World Trade Center was senselessly attacked. But, I remember this day for another reason. Six years ago to the day, as I was riding my bicycle I was struck by a van that fled the scene. As I stood waiting at a two-way stop for traffic to clear, the van came from the right and cut the corner too far striking the left side of my body. The damage was severe with both lungs collapsed and every rib broken (except one, lucky rib). I was bleeding internally, externally… everywherernally. I was dying.

    Fortunately, EMS came and kept me from dying completely. I still keep in touch with one of my guardian angels who told me that the doctors gave me a 5% chance of survival when they had brought me in to the hospital, one of two trauma centers in Kentucky I happened to live near.

    I spent a couple of weeks in the ICU, two more in general admission, and three more in rehabilitation. After all of that, I was antsy to get out but I was still in pretty bad shape. My left shoulder had been separated. Thank goodness my arm stayed attached. My ribs had healed, but they were contorted. When a broken bone heals, it grows back stronger. This is normally a good thing unless you are dealing with ribs. The flexibility of our ribs help us to breathe and a broken rib is less flexible after healing. After breaking every rib (except one, how fortunate) my lung capacity is half what it should be.

    Even through the pain, everything seemed better after I left the hospital. I was ALIVE and so grateful to be. You know how good a chocolate sundae is? It seems so much sweeter after such an experience. I felt more connected to nature and to other people than I had ever been before.

    From the fires of tragedy sprung growth. I felt the need to try some things I had never done before. I quit my job and began my own business as a wedding DJ. I began to explore new interests or old interests in greater detail. I was more open to saying “yes” to opportunities of new experience and friendships. I tried every last item on the Taco Bell menu (they really only have about seven ingredients after all but I had to verify this for myself). I also became a DJ on Eve Radio with a weekly internet radio show. I placed all of my beliefs and viewpoints into question and have brand new ones (that still remain in question, uncertainty is just too sweet).

    Lastly, I improved my music making abilities. Earlier this year, I decided to set a goal to create my first album and I wanted to finish it on this day, to mark the anniversary of my accident. The theme of the album is my own journey starting from before the accident, to it’s survival, the healing process, and the growth that sprang from it. Other than some final touches, I’ve met my goal and I’m in talks with some mastering engineers to get a proper job done on it. Here’s a sample from each of the eight tracks:

    Through it all, I knew that the healing process would be hindered by hatred. I don’t know who hit me with their van, whether it was an accident or not, or why they couldn’t see me standing there. I could have hated that anonymous driver, but I chose to forgive. Hatred is a poison to the soul. It can only hold us back and create more negative energy in this world. I’m not saying I’d take the guy out for a beer if we met, but I don’t feel any ill will towards him. If there’s someone you’ve been hating for some time, please try to forgive them and move on.

    Look for the album to come out later this year or early next year. My goal is to distribute it freely. I care more about getting a wide listener base than making a few hundred bucks selling it to a smaller one. Peace.

  • The Album is Almost Done!

    Sorry I missed out on my show last week. I was watching the Ironman competition and my cousin made it to the finish line. It was very exciting to see him run!

    In the meantime, I’ve been busy finishing up my album. I’m working on what will chronologically be the second track of the album out of eight, but this is the last one I need to finish! I’m using Dorian mode for this track which has given it a very interesting tone, one that I’ve not used before. Once I complete Tranquil Sunrise, I need to go back and give all the tracks a combing through to make sure it sounds just the way I like it. Then, it’s off to a mastering studio to put on the final touches.


    The track listing will be:
    1. Finding the Oasis (tentative (sorry Kuran Drevar if I don’t use that title 🙂 )) (PS: Is that enough parentheses?)
    2. Tranquil Sunrise
    3. One Last Breath
    4. Descent to Heaven (which is also the album title)
    5. Convalescence
    6. Transmute
    7. Sluggish Clarity
    8. Unbounded Hope

    I’ve also been messing around with fractals quite a bit. I’ve got a great background for my album cover, but I’ll share a beta version of it (the final one is actually two tone but I don’t want to reveal it just yet!)


  • Upcoming Album

    Last week I posted a few samples for my upcoming album here:

    I’m really pushing for a release date of September 11th so I’m a bit under the wire to get this done. To finish up a total of eight songs, I basically need to write a track a week when I’m more comfortable spending a whole month on one. Well OK, not the entire month, but the free time I get each month. 😉 Fortunately, I started on a new project this last Monday and really plowed through it. Be sure to tune in to the Erkenfresh at 0400 GMT on www.eve-radio.com August 5th to be the first person (other than me) to hear it! Things are starting to speed up as I approach the release.

    Artists sometimes decide to take on an alias when their music takes on a new direction. I think this is the case for me with this collection of tunes. My “Erkenfresh” alias refers more to faster-paced music, at least at the Trance level. I’ve written some chilled tunes in the past, but none quite at the quality I’m hoping to release with this album. After some thought, I felt that the name “Blue Phoenix” would really fit the theme of this album, and it’s the name of my favorite Ultima Online character I ever made too! Fortunately, a search on “Blue Phoenix” brings up nothing related to music so this should be a safe one to use. (But oh man, look at some of the images that come up, they are freakin’ amazing! )

    I’m also playing a bit with fractal software for some cover art. I contacted an artist who has made some really good stuff, and I may go that route. But the satisfaction of making my own cover just the way I like it is nice too. This one took me about 30 minutes to make. Obviously, I haven’t bought the program just yet. 😉


  • What’s Up with Erkenfresh?

    Well, it’s been five long months since my last blog post which is a bit sad. I really should try to post at least once a week shouldn’t I?

    Things have been busy for me. I bought a new house and moved in recently. I’ve spent a lot of time just fixing things both inside and outside here. The house is about ten miles from the city and surrounded by beautiful horse farms. It’s been a new experience for me living in “diet country” but I think I’ll manage.

    I missed several weeks of Eve Radio but I’m back full-time now on Mondays at 0400-0600 GMT at www.eve-radio.com. I’m also hard at work on a chillout themed album. I’ve just completed my fourth track for the album and I’m looking to target a total of eight tracks. My goal is to finish the album by September 1st but it’s looking a bit tight. Anyhow, if you happen to read this in the next hour or so, be sure to tune into my show. You’ll get to name my latest track during the show. The best title will win a PLEX! If you need a headstart on coming up with a name, check out a picture of what the song looks like. 😉


  • You Have My Permission to Die

    …but I hope you don’t. A few weeks ago, I finished up my remix of Substanced & Alchemiist’s Permission to Die. I was waiting for the contest results to finish before posting my version and since I didn’t win the contest, I get to just give the tune away to you instead. You can find it on Soundcloud or on my own My Music page. I thought it turned out pretty good but no dice on the victory. 🙁


    Tune in for the next Erkenshow this Sunday! I might be doing a President’s Day Double-Erkenshow Special!