A Dozen Tunes and Facebook

I’ve made quite a few tunes this year and I think that every one is getting better. My goal is to end out the year with a total of twelve new songs. I’ve just about gotten one per month. I tallied it all up and here’s where I’m at so far. (Anything not linked or noted can be found on the “my music” page)
January – Skipped cause I’m lazy
February – Paranormal Anxiety
March – Rapid Lucidity
April – Calm Tempest, Chasing Stars
May – Nebula Spark (unreleased so far, interested label), Cosmic Androids
June – Phaser Cascade
July – Event Horizon (started in July)
August – Typhoon Twilight
September – Galactic Rain (started in Sept, looking for a label now)
October-December – ???

It looks like I only need to write two more songs to have a full set of twelve. I’m further ahead than I thought I was before I started writing this post. Yipee! I just got started on another chillout style tune and I hope to get that finished up here in the next week or two. After that, I think I’ll go with another Trance project. What do you think?

Also, find me at www.facebook.com/erkenfresh!

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